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Tenzin Dickey and female relatives practicing Tibetan dances during a picknick in Kapan, partly accompanied by Dawa Sherpa.(March 2020)

Family visit part 2 : Staying with Pema and Pasang at Kapan (March 2020). Thanks to Pema and Pasang for their hospitality!

Garden picknick at Kapan in February/March 2020. The slideshow shows the beautiful garden of Passy and Kusang Sherpa. The days after Losar are an occasion for garden picknicks among the Sherpas. After an introduction into the numerous fruits and flowers of the garden you see pictures from a picknick there that has been participated by four generations of our family.


In November 2019, members of the cooperating German and French associations Rheinland-Lorraine-Nepal, Lorraine Nepal and Nepal-Inzlingen visited a number of joint projects in the Solukhumbu district of Eastern Nepal. In particular, a number of sponsored school projects and health posts were visited on this occasion, the school sponsorship money was distributed to the school children and a kindergarten has been inaugurated. Bernd Otto of Rheinland-Lorraine-Nepal (Koblenz, Germany) illustrates this trip in seven wonderful videos:
1) From Kathmandu to Charghare. The video starts with the trip to Nepal. After some sightseeing in Kapan and Bauddha, the group travels by Jeep to Salleri in Solukhumbu. The second part deals with the walk to Charghare, a small village close to Phaplu, where a school has been supported for many years.
2) From Salaphadgyen (nep.: Salabesi) to Thumbuk.
3) From Zhung (nep.: Junbesi) via Phukmoche to Ringmu.
Visit to Yawa (nep.: Hewa) in November 2019. Celebrating the inauguration of a kindergarten. The video shows the way to Yawa as well as the speeches, celebrations and dances in the village.
5) From From Yawa via Tamsare (nep.: Phera) to Jalsa (Chyalsa).
6) To Kasthap and back to Salleri. (including a visit to Himal FM radio station at Salleri of which Nima Sherpa is chairman; listen to live transmission)
7) From Phaplu to Kathmandu.

Inauguration of kindergarten at Hewa (24 November 2019). The kindergarten has been constructed with support from two German organisations, Nepal Inzlingen and Rheinland-Lottaine-Nepal. Members of both organisations as well as from the French partner organisation Lorraine-Népal took part in this ceremony. The kindergarten will start operating in February 2020.

First jeep to Hewa (8 March 2019). For the very first time, a jeep has come to Hewa, an event that has been celebrated by the villagers; alternative slideshow; Going by Jeep from Phaplu to Hewa (including first arrival of a jeep at Hewa (8 March 2019)

Scenes from Losar celebration in Hewa in February 2019

Practicing Shebru dance at Kapan (August 2019)

Passy and Kusang dancing in the kitchen on the melody of Kutu Ma Kutu (March 2019)

Joking dance in the kitchen by Lhakpa, Passy and Kusang (March 2019)

Kathmandu road scenes (March 2019)


Repair of cistern and construction of road to Hewa (April-July 2018). The cistern, constructed with support of the French organisation Népal et Vous, supplies water to the villages of Hewa and Siteling. The feeder road from Taksindu and Chhulemu has arrived at the edge of Hewa.

Losar ceremony at Hewa Centre with people giving donations for further improvement of the building (27/02/2018)

Sherpa prayers at Kapan, near Bauddha (January 2018)


Trek from Taksindu (3000 m) up to the holy lake of Dudh Kund (about 4500 m) in December 2017. Klaus Bender was accompanied by four Sherpas from Hewa. The slideshow starts at Taksindu. On the way to Dudh Kund (Womi Tsho), we see some views back to Hewa and Taksindu as well as wonderful pictures of the mountains of Pharak and Khumbu. The trek went up from Taksindu to Dudh Kund and downhill again towards Junbesi (Zhung); alternative slideshow, video.

Official inauguration of village community centre building, November 2017 (pictures and videos by Takuya Akahori, Chhiri Tendi Sherpa, Lhakpa Doma Sherpa and K.-H. Krämer:
Inauguration event (video), Pictures from inauguration event (slideshow, including numerous pictures of children sponsored through Rheinland-Lorraine-Nepal), Dance 1, Dance 2, Dance 3 (alternative version), Dance by single girl, Shebru dance

Along Sun Koshi towards Solukhumbu (06/11/2017)

Ceremony on Changchup Chuldim's death anniversary at Taksindu monastery (September 2017)

CPN-UML local election campaign in Nunthala and neighbouring villages (12/06/2017)

Preliminary inauguration of the village centre building and celebration of Losar in Hewa (March 2017)
Religious activities at Hewa (March 2017)

Kutu Ma Kutu, film hit of autumn 2017, and the version by Lhakpa and Kusang Sherpa (November 2017)

Celebrating Tinji Festival in Upper Mustang (May 2017)


Visit to Hewa in September 2016 (slideshow, 18:20 m)
Klaus and Lukas Bender visited Hewa in September 2016. They came to see the just concluded construction of the village centre that had been built with support from
the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation (BMZ) and the German-Nepal Friendship Association.
Besides, they inspected the progress of reconstruction of houses in the village that had been destroyed or heavily damaged by the earthquakes of spring 2015 and they took part in the cornerstone ceremony for a kindergarten that is going to be built in 2017. Both these projects are run by the German organisation Nepal-Inzlingen supported by Rheinland-Lorraine-Nepal and sponsored by the Fürsorge- und Bildungsstiftung, Germany.

Pharak and Khumbu 2016 (slideshow, 22:26 m)
From Hewa, Klaus and Lukas Bender together with Chitra Subba and Lhakpa Sherpa walked through Pharak to Khumbu. The pictures are taken from their trek between Kharikhola and Everest Base Camp in late September 2016.

Death ceremonies for Changchup Chuldim (Nuru), former head lama of Taksindu monstery, who died on 5 October 2016. The ceremonies have taken place at Taksindu monastery. [See additional video]
Death ceremony at Taksindu monastery, late 2016

Monk disciples during ceremony at Taksindu monastery

Along Sun Koshi towards Solukhumbu in November 2016

Work on the Yawa village centre project (April-July 2016), Construction work (28/02/2016), Construction work (16/06/2016)
High above Taksindu (01/05/2016)
On the road between Kathmandu and Solu (April 2016)
Flight by helicopter from Yawa to Phaplu (March 2016)
Taksindu (February 2016)
Cornerstone celebration for new village centre building at Hewa; part 2, part 3, part 4 (22/02/2016)
Losar dance at Yawa (21/02/2016), Losar dance at Yawa, part 2 (21/02/2016)


Helicopter flight from Kathmandu to Hewa, 3 December 2015)
Visit to Hewa in December 2015: Panoramic view from Hewa; Searching the place for a pond in Dawa's fields
Medical Health Camp organised by the American organisation Hike for Help in Hewa in December 2015: A collection of pictures taken by Chhiri Tendi Sherpa, Lhakpa Doma Sherpa and K.-H. Krämer. The organisation had been planning planning to construct a health post in Hewa. The building has been standing for years, but unfortunately has not yet been completed. Nevertheless we express our cordial thanks to Hike for Help for everything the organisation has already done for our village. See also video by Hike for Help with interviews.

Visit to Solukhumbu by Uwe Hens, treasurer of German-Nepal Friendship Association (DNG) in September 2015. DNG has run a project in Hewa (Taksindu VDC, Solukhumbu, Nepal) for construction of a village centre. The project had been supported by the German Ministry of Economic Cooperation (BMZ). The local partner organisation is Shree Hewa Socio-cultural Community (HSCC). This project has been completed in 2017. Uwe Hens visited the Sherpa village in September 2015 to observe the progress of the project. Other videos by Uwe Hens: Dance at Hewa school, Hewa and surrounding landscape from Chhulemo, Phaplu airport

Chhiri Tendi Sherpa and friends distributing relief in Hewa (July 2015) [slideshow, 8:43 m]
Chhiri and his friends distributed money to village people affected by the big earthquakes of spring 2015. The money had predominantly been donated by people from Germany and some other countries. The German campaign had been supported by Rheinland-Lorraine-Nepal, Koblenz, and the German-Nepal Friendship Association, Cologne.
Leading members of HSCC inspect the Village Centre project in Hewa
(July 2015) [slideshow, 4:56 m]
Hewa panoramic view, July 2015
Hewa cracks after earthquake, July 2015

Taksindu Sherpa Losar at Bauddha, 23 March 2015

Videos from relief campaigns by Chhiri Tendi Sherpa and his friends in Gorkha, Sindhupalchok and Nuwakot in summer 2015


Ceremony at Taksindu monastery, December 2014


Hewa Lapso Puja 2013 (626.9 MB, 18:15 m)


Visit to Hewa in November 2012 (slideshow, 539.5 MB, 11:03 m)
Christa (chairperson of Rheinland-Lorraine-Nepal) and Bernd Otto together with Chhiri Tendi Sherpa visited Hewa in November 2012. On this occasion, they initiated a program of sponsorship for village children who are studying at the Hewa primary school.

Visit to Dudhkund, Solukhumbu (slideshow, 541.8 MB, 12:53 m)
In November 2012, Gyalzen Sherpa led a small group of tourists to Dudhkund, a glacial lake at mount Numbur in the northern part of Solu. The area is used by the Sherpas as grazing pasture for Yaks in summer. It also is a place of pilgrimage for both Buddhist and Hindus.

Népal et vous inaugurating bridge between Nunthala and Hewa (slideshows)
In March 2012, Kusang Sherpa and friends led members of the French organisation Népal et Vous to Nunthala and Hewa where they inaugurated a new bridge between Nunthala and Hewa. Népal et Vous is a leading donor organisation of the area, supporting resp. constructing schools, hospitals and bridges in Chhanga, Yapil, Nunthala, Hewa, Chhulemo, Ringmo and Phaplu. On this occasion, they also visited the primary school of Hewa and the secondary school of Nunthala:
Way to Nunthala, Inauguration of bridge between Nunthala and Hewa, Visit of Hewa school, Visit of Nunthala secondary school, Way back via Taksindu

Losar Guthuk Sanjh - 2139, by Himalayan Sherpa Culture Center, Bauddha: part 1, part 2, part 3


Visit to Hewa in March 2011 (slideshow, 974.6 MB, 22:52 m). In March 2011, Lhakpa and Tsak together with other family members and friends went to Hewa for the celebration of their niece Chhiki Sherpa's final marriage ceremony. This collection of pictures shows the way to Hewa and views from the village and neighbouring Siteling four years ahead of the heavy earthquakes that gravely damaged these two villages in April and May 2015.
Welcome at Shiteling: Panoramic view, March 2011, Dancing after arrival, Siteling, March 2011, Sherpa dance presentations on the eve of the marriage of Chhiki Sherpa, Siteling, March 2011, Dances on 2nd day of Chhiki's marriage, Siteling, March 2011, Working in the kitchen, Shiteling, March 2011, Yawa Khola valley, viewed from the place of the future cultural centre, March 2011, Yawa and the hills behind: The panoramic view starts from the classroom building of Yawa school, Panoramic view of Yawa sub-metropolitan city (nowadays Hewa) taken from the site of the future cultural centre during Losar, March 2011, Losar celebration at Yawa, March 2011

Phaplu International Airport, March 2011 [see now new metalled runway at Phaplu (YouTube)

Videos from Bauddha, Kapan and Kathmandu:
Scenes from Taksindu Sherpa Losar celebration at Bauddha, March 2011
The Sherpas in Kapan, as well, know how to dance, February 2011
Phruwa and Pemba Sherpa preparing Momos, Kathmandu, March 2011
Scenes from the marriage of Tenzin and Chhiri Tendi Sherpa, Kapan, February 2011


Scenes from Losar celebration at Yawa, February 2010


Visit to Solukhumbu (slideshow, 296.6 MB, 15:23 m)

Together with members of the French organisation Lorraine-Népal and its German sister organisation Rheinland-Lorraine-Nepal, Tendi visited the projects of these organisations in Solu (schools on Salabesi, Tumbuk, Charghare and Phera) in November 2011. He later went on to Khumbu.


Nyingthik Tsaksum Wang, December 2006


Opening ceremony of newly extended Takshindu monastery with donation of Tenjur books, May 16, 2003 : part 1, part 2

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Solukhumbu Taksindu villages after the Nepal earthquakes 2015, by TARA Foundation USA (YouTube 10/08/2015)
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Quake Relief HDF Rebuild - Chhulemo, by Himalayan Development Foundation (YouTube 07/09/2015)
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Toilets in Chhulemo, by Don Moore, Himalayan Development Foundation (YouTube 31/08/2015)
Himalayan Development Foundation - Our Roots, by Don Moore (YouTube 31/08/2015)
Taksindu Electrial Pole Grounding Project 2014, by TARA Foundation USA (YouTube 02/03/2015)
Taibuk Village Clean Drinking Water Project 2014, by TARA Foundation USA (YouTube 02/03/2015)
Nepal Suspention Bridge Project completed March 2014, by
Tara Foundation USA (YouTube 11/08/2014)

Solukhumbu Trail 2012 (jiri - taksindu) 1, slideshow (YouTube 04/12:2012)
Solukhumbu Trail 2012 (jiri - taksindu) 2
, slideshow (YouTube 04/12/2012)

Sherpa dance, Taksindu-Chhulemo, by Sherpa Mountain Adventures (YouTube, 25/12/2013)
Chhulemu, by Ngima Sherpa (YouTube 24/12/2013)
Metok Thangbo, song and dance, by Dendi Sherpa (21.4 MB, 6:43 m)
Phui chyomo lengmo. rok se rok, song and dance, by Dendi Sherpa (14.7 MB, 4:37 m)
Ning Jyamula (sherpa song and dance), by Dendi Sherpa and dance group in New York (5:14 m)
Khangri Chela, by Pemba Chhoti Sherpa & Dendi Sherpa (5:18 m)
Dendi Sherpa music class, with Lhakpa Sherpa, Lamu Sherpa, Elaine Sherpa, Sonia Sherpa, Phurwa Sherpa (Annie), Angela Sherpa (2:57 m)
La Khang Tena Shyuye, by Dendi Sherpa and dance group in Newyork, 2006 (5:02 m)
Hyolmo darchungma ,,Nayla chamba chungsy yo", by Dolma Hyolmo (Sherpa) (6:45 m)
Dharachungma rechungma, by Dolma Hyolmo (Sherpa) (6:34 m)
Mathi Mathi Treking ma Jadha, by Ang Kami Sherpa & Dolma Hyolmo (Sherpa) (5:13 m)
Hyolmo and Solu Song, by Dolma, Gyalmu Hyolmo & Ang Kami Sherpa (5:44 m)
Sherpa disco dance, performed by daughters of Dolma Hyolmo (Sherpa) and a Tiubetan dancer (4:38 m)
Chauri ko Gothai Lekai ma, by Ang Kami Sherpa & Dolma Hyolmo (Sherpa) (5:44 m)
Sherpa song during Namche Dumji 2009 (1:56m)
Solukhumbu : Dudhkunda-Pikey Cultural Trail - part 1 (9:49 m), part 2 (9:00 m)
Jyalsa Monastery, Solukhumbu, Salleri (1:34 m)

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